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wingting980 wrote in exorcisttweet

sppandaaa sppandaaa is on a hiatus as few know... She's been inactive cuz of her work! LOL How in character are you, mah Racist bro, Yukio. She is still around and can be communicated by her LJ...I think... I dunno if I can share her info out yet. But she is still around ...on Skype and FB.... But she'll come on as soon as she can!

As for me, I, Roora, will be on a Hiatus for about 2 weeks... as some may know... I had Rin say he's on a mission trip LOLLL but I really am going to be away...

I am going on a family trip to Flordia for Disneyworld Resort and 2 days of Harry Potter world... So I'll be on my road trip starting the 27th of Aug.  and be back supposively on the 7th of Sept. I say "supposively" because my family sometimes decides to stay and extra day or two... so this is estimate.
I would RP on my trip---but Disney is uncool and says we need to pay 11 bucks a day for internet serive [that is if the price didn't go up from during my absence] So no way am I gonna pay that much for onl a day...and well i am on vacation I'll be too busy vacationing and be too tried to do any of my usual.

Then the issue for me is to get settled into my new semeter od college classes... I actually start classed on the 26th of Aug. A.K.A. tomorrow---but mom is all " WE ALL STAY HOME TO PACK FOR TRIP!" SO no classes for me... and I have classes Monday-Friday--so if I do get back the 7th...I will be back to class on the 8th SOBB right on my birthday tooo!!

Sooo I will estimate my coming back on Twitter to be that weekend following the 7th.... and well college classes and doing other RPs on dA and personal life I willl try to be on as much as possiable!!! and Keep you all updated on what were doing.

So far everyone has been doing great, and having fun. There hasn't been any issues and I am glad for this. So keep it up my loves! And please keep in contact and let everyone know what is going on with you. Like if you'll be on an example--I think that's the main thing... LOL If there's any issues in the members let a moderator know. We'll be happi to help sort it out! 

So in this case play nice and have fun all!!! Rin  or Roora [Megan or Yukio] won't be here to  attend at the moment LOLLL <3


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Welp work leaves me tired as fuck. Sorry guys. :/
I guess I should add my contact info to that post already. Let's ignore how I made that post

It's cool brooooo your work's pretty tiring isn't it!? Need me to bring mineral water for you? /shot

LOL oh bro! ahahah yesh I think it'll be cool to leave your info in there too!!

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