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Application and Requirements
[Allied Forces] Gather 'Round
sppandaaa wrote in exorcisttweet
1) English Literate. At least decent grammar is important. No short handing or leet.
2) 16 and older.
3) No more than a month of inactivity without notice.
4) Friendly and fun!
5) Official characters only.
6) Check back to this comm regularly for updates.

Little Extras:
1) OOC Statements: Brackets ( ie: (( )) or [[ ]] )
2) Movements and Actions: Action markers ( ie: * * or - - )

Character You Are Applying For:
Your Time Zone:
Small Character Tidbit:

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WHOAA brooooo I got confuzzeled but I think I got it! XDDD

Nice to meet you all! I just made an IC Twitter account for Shura for the lulz, and Rin pointed me here ♥ Better than tweeting alone, definitely xD Here's my app~

Character You Are Applying For: Kirigakure Shura
Your Time Zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours
Small Character Tidbit: Kirigakure Shura is a well-respected High Inspector dispatched by the Vatican to infiltrate the Japanese Headquarters. She is skilled in the use of demon swords and is Okumura Rin's current mentor. While she's undoubtedly an exceptional exorcist, she is very laid back and is fond of alcohol.

Hey hey, I've been spamming as TheDemonAmaimon lately and was wondering if I could join your group as Bon~

Character You are Applying for: Suguro Ryuji
Your Time Zone: UTC/GMT -5 hours
Small Character Tidbit: Suguro Ryuji is fifteen and an Exwire at True Cross Academy Despite his extreme rough around the edges appearance he is extremely intelligent and very kind for the most part.

Twitter: TempleBonBon

YAY!!! welcome oh mannn been so busy haven't seen these new apps sooo happi~

Mephisto Pheles Application

I've been stalking around with my personal account. XD I'm always active on twitter and pair the hell out of basically every possible yaoi pairing for this series. I'd love to join you guys and cause a little an eye out for you... ^^

Character You Are Applying For: Mephisto Pheles
Your Time Zone: EST
Small Character Tidbit: Mephisto Pheles is the demon Chairman of True Cross Academy. Eccentric and intelligent, he enjoys causing trouble, moe items, Amaimon, and the color pink. He can often be found in the form of a adorably pretentious small dog.

twitter: @M_Pheles

Re: Mephisto Pheles Application

WAHHH Sorry I haven't been able to go on LJ cuz of personal life! thanks for coming aboard!

Re: Mephisto Pheles Application

No problem~ Thanks for having me!

Re: Mephisto Pheles Application

Oh no thank you! it's a pleasure to have you on aboard!


Character you are applying for:
Your Time Zone:
Small Character Tidbit: Izumo is a student at True Cross Academy and attained a position as an Exwire together with her classmates. She is a tamer, who summons 2 foxes named Mike and Uke. She belongs to the line of Shrine Maidens. Her personality is a Tsundere.

Twitter: (to be followed)

WAHHHH OMGGG EYEBROWSSSSSSSSSSS!!! WELCOME ABOARDDDDD I need to get yukio to make these edits you are in!! =D


Character You Are Applying For: Okumura Rin
Your Time Zone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) [ahaha 2:18 am here]
Small Character Tidbit:
The son of Satan and a human exorcist. Rin is of the age of 15 where he discovered the truth of his origins and receives Kurikara ,his demon blade that holds his powers dormant . His personality is carefree, optimistic, and easily excited. Even so he may not be as smart as his genius brother, he had a lot of heart and devotion to become strong so that none will have to die because of him. His dreams are to become a Paladin and "KICK SATAN'S ASS!"
[[p.s. maybe he should just challenge Satan to a cooking match /shot]]

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