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embrassed US
wingting980 wrote in exorcisttweet

OKAY! Roora here! Due to some technical difficulties; I can't edit the original MASTER LIST post that our awesome [racist] bro Megan/Yukio has made... And I find it quite unfair to not have added the new members in.
So until I figure out how to fix my editing post issue [can't edit in HTML or in Rich Text] this will be a temporary MASTER LIST POST!
SO Look at this one until one of the [only 2] mods say not too...most likely this temporary one will be deleted anyways LOLLLL but being nice here...if that makes any sense....


1. MODERATORS will be marked with a *

2. Please not that this list isn't limited to any other canoned characters in the series.


Amaimon - @EarthKingKandy
Izumo Kamiki - @tamerizumo
Mephisto Pheles - @M_Pheles
Rin Okumura - @BlueFlamesRin *
Shiiemi Moriyama - @shiemii_chan
Shura Kirigakure - @DrunkSerpent
Suguro "Bon" Ryuji - @TempleBonBon
Yukio Okumura - @4EyedExorcist *

Miwa Konekomaru - OPEN

Shima Renzou - OPEN


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