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Application and Requirements
[Allied Forces] Gather 'Round
sppandaaa wrote in exorcisttweet
1) English Literate. At least decent grammar is important. No short handing or leet.
2) 16 and older.
3) No more than a month of inactivity without notice.
4) Friendly and fun!
5) Official characters only.
6) Check back to this comm regularly for updates.

Little Extras:
1) OOC Statements: Brackets ( ie: (( )) or [[ ]] )
2) Movements and Actions: Action markers ( ie: * * or - - )

Character You Are Applying For:
Your Time Zone:
Small Character Tidbit:

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Hey hey, I've been spamming as TheDemonAmaimon lately and was wondering if I could join your group as Bon~

Character You are Applying for: Suguro Ryuji
Your Time Zone: UTC/GMT -5 hours
Small Character Tidbit: Suguro Ryuji is fifteen and an Exwire at True Cross Academy Despite his extreme rough around the edges appearance he is extremely intelligent and very kind for the most part.

Twitter: TempleBonBon

YAY!!! welcome oh mannn been so busy haven't seen these new apps sooo happi~

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