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Application and Requirements
[Allied Forces] Gather 'Round
sppandaaa wrote in exorcisttweet
1) English Literate. At least decent grammar is important. No short handing or leet.
2) 16 and older.
3) No more than a month of inactivity without notice.
4) Friendly and fun!
5) Official characters only.
6) Check back to this comm regularly for updates.

Little Extras:
1) OOC Statements: Brackets ( ie: (( )) or [[ ]] )
2) Movements and Actions: Action markers ( ie: * * or - - )

Character You Are Applying For:
Your Time Zone:
Small Character Tidbit:

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Character You Are Applying For: Okumura Rin
Your Time Zone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) [ahaha 2:18 am here]
Small Character Tidbit:
The son of Satan and a human exorcist. Rin is of the age of 15 where he discovered the truth of his origins and receives Kurikara ,his demon blade that holds his powers dormant . His personality is carefree, optimistic, and easily excited. Even so he may not be as smart as his genius brother, he had a lot of heart and devotion to become strong so that none will have to die because of him. His dreams are to become a Paladin and "KICK SATAN'S ASS!"
[[p.s. maybe he should just challenge Satan to a cooking match /shot]]

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